Professional experience of 23 years of academic teaching:

Cologne University, 1999-2002
French lecturer- Teaching French as a foreign language

Bourgogne University- Dijon, 2002-2005
German Lecturer (Temporary Academic Research and Teaching Member: ATER)
Bachelor-classes at the Departement of Applied Foreign Languages and at the Department of German: German Grammar and Linguistics;  translation of economic texts and of literature texts  (French-German and German-French)

Paris-Sorbonne University- Applied Foreign Languages Department of Teaching and Research, 2005-2008
Senior lecturer of Applied Foreign Languages 

Bachelor and Master-classes: German Grammar and Linguistics, translation of economic / current affairs texts (French-German and German-French)

Paris-Sorbonne University/ Sorbonne University- German and Nordic Department of  Teaching and Research, 2008-2022
Senior lecturer and since 2016 Associate Professor of German Linguistics

University of Lorraine (Nancy) - Department of foreign Languages and Cultures, 2022-2023

Full Professor of German Linguistics


Overview of the educational programme at  the Department of Germanic and Nordic at Sorbonne University (2008-2022):

The educational program at the German and Nordic Department includes both BA, Single and double degrees and MA-level : MA of the Arts (research-based), and MA Professional, majored in the German Linguistics, French-German translation as well as Master of Education. There are also exam preparation courses for French national exams; Internal Agrégation and External CAPES.

*German Grammar/ Modern Linguistics

- First year of BA: Lectures (CM) and Tutorials (TD) - Morphosyntax/ Contrastive Syntax
- Third year of BA: Lectures (CM) and Tutorials (TD) - Modern German Linguistics
- MA- Research-1st year of German Studies: Seminars in Modern German Linguistics
- 2nd semester: Lexical Creation, Neologisms, Youth Languages, Gender Linguistics
- MA 1st year-French-German Translation: Seminars in Modern Linguistics (French-German)
1st semestre: Textual Genres and discourse practices

Translation, French to/From German: (BA 1st and 2nd year: Tutorials)

* Contrastive Linguistics (French-German)

MA 2nd year “French-German Translation”, 1st semester, “Contrastive Linguistics applied to Translation”
- Professional Master of Intercultural Mediation and Translation in German-Nordic fields (MEGEN), “Intercultural Approach of texts”

*Preparatory courses for  German teaching qualification exams, CAPES (MA of Education) and Agrégation (internal and external)

Supervisor/ Advisor: 2008-... (PhD Dissertation, MA’s thesis, BA’s 3rd year’s thesis)

Cotutelle PhD: 1
Rustan Chloé: “Expressivity Lexical Markers in German and French: A Study of a Comparable Corpus”. Cotutelle with Friedrich-Alexander- University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Prof. Dr. Ludwig Fesenmeier, professorship of Roman Linguistics (since 2021)

MA (Research-based) 1st year: German Studies: 5
MA (Research-based) 1st year: German Studies: 4
MA of Arts 2nd year Majored in “French-German Translation”: 1
MA of Arts 2nd year: French-German Studies (Paris-Bonn): 2
MA of Education 1st year: Teaching: 3
MA of Education 2nd year: Teaching 1
Thesis of BA’s 3rd year (Bachelorarbeiten - Paris-Bonn Bi-Bachelor): 14



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